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Colonel had presented a clear trend toward technology in UAE and provide improvements in the field of computers and systems which are connected closely to our lives, colonel company is capable of providing whatever that meets your needs.

Colonel has been an aspiring company that operates in both software and hardware services fields.

Colonel allows enterprises of all sizes to improve their businesses throughout acquiring our services.

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Our Target

Is to provide our customers with software solutions that are more cost-effective and provide stable, high-quality service and technical support around the clock, helping them accomplish their tasks efficiently.

Our Methods

Using advanced technologies to increase proliferation and operational efficiency of networks and building human resources and high efficiency

Our Mission

Raise the company of continued success and profitability and competitiveness globally.

Our vision

Is to become the leader in the field of technical solutions and to be the best choice for customers, relying on the latest information technology.

Executive Chairman's Speech

Yaqoup Yousef Khamis Al Naqbi

We in Colonel Company put in the forefront of our concerns , things do not mean a lot for the other , but it means success for us, always seeking to satisfy our Customers and provide them with the best service we can offer, in all sectors, respect the deadlines, credibility in the work, ensure that our products and provide usefull counselling and information for customers, and trying to provide the facilities and excellent and sophisticated services thus we seek the privileged position in the Field of our work. We encourage dialog, because when it comes to research and development, our Dear Customers become the most precious resources we have.

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