Military industries

Shooting range projects

The company is implementing projects ranges fully open and closed, as well as the design sporting clubs, implementing projects operating...

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Providing Military Clothing

Colonel Company supplies and manufactures all military clothes, military shoes and helmets, as well as owns different types of fabrics to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.

Providing devices, equipment, industrial parts and detection devices

Colonel Company provides various types of devices, equipment, industrial parts and detection devices that have been tested by specialists to ensure their quality and perform their tasks to the fullest.

Providing camouflage and protection systems and Military ambulance

Colonel has high-precision and high-quality camouflage and protection systems in addition to a fully-equipped military ambulance.

Providing reconnaissance and training systems

Colonel Company provides survey and training systems and is keen to ensure the quality of these systems to satisfy our customers.

Providing electronically equipped and armored security and military vehicles

Colonel Company provides the latest military and security vehicles fully equipped in terms of strength, durability and quality to satisfy our customers.