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About Dal Technology

The e-commerce service is an end to end customer based solution that connects retailers to customers via an integrated online platform. It can be delivered through a cloud based software, which can be accessed through browsers. When choosing an e-commerce software, we guarantee to deliver platforms that ensure long-term stability and growth.


Headless Commerce


Open Source


Software as a service(Saas)

We aim to launch your business online store with rich built-in functionality with payment, shipment services, warehouse managing and mobile-friendly stores.

Prior to shifting your business into an e-commerce, here a few thing we consider when developing your web-existing:


We start with negotiating with our customers what is their purpose from starting e-commerce? Whether it is an expansion for their existing business or an initial development for their new business.


Together with our customers we set a budget for the full package and host. When setting the budget, we consider and offer all the suitable features and add-ons, that perfectly matches your requirements. The package would usually include the design, development, security & data protection, maintenance and licensing.


Identifying the right target market, based on your target audience, we develop a design that is appealing and effective to your identified audience. The programming & design highly differs from one industry to another. We also take into consideration your color scheme, used font and size in your logo; to perfectly matches your branding theme. In addition, we can provide you with a recommended advertising plan to increase reach of your e-commerce platform.


One of the critical points to consider is the number of products our customers hold. Maybe you offer a wide range of physical products, therefore, you would need a system that is connected to your stock logistics or perhaps a significant number of services, where you would require a feature such as appointment booking and so on.


Once our team starts working on your e-commerce platform, we analyze your targeted audience, in order to figure a range of traffic to prevent any sorts of crashes. Colonel team assures you a platform that will handle traffic demands and flexible infrastructure.