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Welcome to Colonel

What we do

Colonel is a mother company holding 2 independent entities. Colonel was established in 2014 and has expanded to different sectors. Colonel was developed on the aim of providing safety products and services, even in relatively dangerous activities. Under Colonel, Dal was developed, a firm that provides exclusive products that secures public citizens & corporates. Dal has a huge range of products, mostly developed in the United Arab Emirates. At Colonel, we welcome challenges with open arms, as our is to provide safety and security, we also aimed to secure such dangerous activity.

Our Companies

DAL Technology

DAL is a well-established mobile applications and website development firm. We handle all the hustle behind digitally establishing your firm, as well as, we make sure we meet your marketing aims with our websites, in order to appeal the right target market. We’ve been in this market since 2014, have worked with renowned clients in the UAE. Our technical team along with our marketing team is capable of crafting out the most eye-catching, professional and contemporary designs. As well as, we provide our clients with app and websites insights and SEOs. In addition, we can handle the operations and required apps updates. All in all, we assure our clients, to provide them with the best possible fees and shortest delivery time.

Dal also provides safety products and services, in which we offer products that fight fraud, product transfer, off road identifications, internal and external monitoring systems.

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Emirates Shooting

One of Colonel’s daughter companies is Emirates Shooting, a company that has been in the market since 2003. Emirates shooting has been a pioneer in the field and one of the very first market players.

Emirates Shooting has conducted numerous turn key shooting ranges for various purposes and in different fields. We are honored to be the main contractor for the shooting ranges of the Dubai Training Police and Dubai Army Training shooting ranges. In addition, we’ve worked with multiple more governmental sectors, to build shooting training systems and ranges.

  • Our business has expanded from commercial shooting ranges, as we can provide real feeling of a shooting range and shoot equipment while can completely be tailored to be safely used by civilians.
  • Emirates Shooting can also provide you with personalized shooting ranges, for the ones who are courageous enough and seek to have a different kind of home entertainment.
  • Our team is experienced in designing, manufacturing, installing, supplying all needed equipment, installing safety devices, handling acquisitions and noises. Nevertheless, we never neglect maintaince and updating our equipment, our after-sales service center will handle all the process.

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Our Partners

Al Badeah Bikes